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Bespoke trust services since 1972

Since its inception in Geneva, Switzerland, in 1972, CISA Trust has remained under the leadership of its founding family, devoted to delivering high quality fiduciary services to affluent families. Over time, we have broadened our reach across multiple jurisdictions, evolving into a distinguished and respected name in the trust services domain, proudly serving families on a global scale.

Our diverse team of skilled professionals, driven by a commitment to excellence and client satisfaction, continuously adapts to the ever-changing landscape of wealth management. We take pride in offering tailored solutions that protect our clientele’ assets.

We have built lasting relationships with families worldwide, guiding them through the complexities of succession planning and empowering them to create enduring legacies. In today’s interconnected world, we at CISA Trust remain steadfast in our pursuit of new opportunities and our dedication to providing the highest level of fiduciary services, proudly serving families on a global scale. 

An independent trust company.

For the greater horizons that lay ahead.

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Asset Classes held in trust: Portfolio investmentsOperating companiesReal estateArt collectionsAircraft & Yachts

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