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South Dakota is considered by legal practitioners to be one of the leading trust jurisdictions in the United States, with modern and innovative trust laws, codified by statute. South Dakota has no state income tax, and South Dakota resident trusts are exempt from state income tax, general intangibles tax and, gift and estate tax. South Dakota has a AAA bond rating, has had a balanced budget every year since statehood in 1889, and leads the nation with over 3 trillion in bank assets. 

CISA Trust Company (South Dakota) LLC

CISA is a State chartered trust company, holds a non-deposit public trust company Charter, and is subject to prudential supervision by the Division of Banking of South Dakota. CISA’s offices are located in Sioux Falls, the financial capital of South Dakota.

CISA is dedicated exclusively to providing bespoke trust and company management services to an exclusive international clientele. CISA has trust affiliates in Switzerland and the British Virgin Islands, and a marketing affiliate in Miami.

Trust Services

CISA provides a full range of trust services in South Dakota, including domestic and foreign Grantor Trusts, Generation Skipping Trusts, Dynasty Trusts, Spendthrift Trusts, Asset Protection Trusts, Life Insurance Trusts, etc.  CISA also offers formation and administration services for Private Trust Companies (PTCs), and Purpose Trusts. South Dakota trusts are codified in Title 55 of the South Dakota Codified Laws (SDCL).

Company Management Services

CISA South Dakota offers incorporation, management and resident agent services for US LLCs and US corporations and partnerships, as well as foreign corporations and partnerships. In addition, CISA offers incorporation and administration services for Special Purpose Entities.

Accounting Services

CISA South Dakota provides book-keeping and accounting services for all entities under administration.


CISA Trust Company (South Dakota) LLC is registered with the IRS as a Sponsoring Financial Institution (FI), and provides FATCA support, including reporting where required. 


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